Admission, fees

  • General admission criteria:
    • secondary school certificate,
    • payment of application and tuition fees
    • entrance exams for certain programmes
  • Credit System: ECTS

Graduate Programmes offered in English:

  • Four semester MSc programme
    • Name of diploma: MSc in Mathematics
    • Tuition fee: 4200 Euro/semester
    • Admission criteria: BSc degree in Mathematics, a good command of the English language, entrance exam
  • Partial Training with credit transfer possibilities:
    • Partial training (1 or several semesters) for Mathematics Major students enrolled in their home university. Conditions are the same as for resident students. The exact curriculum is to be developed by prior consultations, preferably by email.
    • Tuition fee: individually calculated according to the subjects

Postgraduate PhD programmes in English

  • Name of diploma: PhD in Mathematics
  • Contact person: István Ágoston, associate professor
    •  Phone: +(36 1) 372 2500/8422
    •  Fax: +(36 1) 381 2146
    •  E-mail:
  • Admission criteria: MSc degree in one of the natural sciences, a good command of the English language, entrance exam
  • Duration of the PhD programme: minimum eight semesters
  • Tuition fee: 3000 Euro/semester